The Sergeant Thomas Joseph Sullivan Center (Sergeant Sullivan Center) has closed doors and is no longer in operation as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

We are proud to announce the creation of The Sergeant Thomas Joseph Sullivan Fund at National Jewish Health (NJH).  The Fund supports NJH’s Center of Excellence on Deployment-Related Lung Disease (Center of Excellence). The Sergeant Sullivan Fund has created a new avenue for direct public support for innovative independent research and clinical work on deployment-related lung disease.

The goals of the Center of Excellence are to identify causes of, develop personalized treatments for, and protect our service men and women from contracting lung disease while at war. The Fund streamlines and more effectively fulfills the Sergeant Sullivan Center’s mission of funding medical research to prevent and treat deployment-related illnesses.

To establish the Sergeant Sullivan Fund, the Sergeant Sullivan Center is providing an inaugural contribution of over $65,000.

We encourage our stakeholders to support the NJH Center of Excellence through direct donations to the Sergeant Sullivan Fund. Checks payable to the Sergeant Sullivan Fund should be mailed to:

National Jewish Health
P.O. Box 17169
Denver, CO 80217-0169

Donations may also be made online at:

More information about the Sergeant Sullivan Fund at National Jewish Health is available at: 

It has been an incredible journey over the last five years, and we thank our supporters for their dedication. We have carried the story of Sergeant Thomas Sullivan, our son, brother, father and husband, as well as the stories of thousands of others, to important decision-makers at the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Defense Health Board, and the Institute of Medicine.

The struggle to effectively diagnose, treat and prevent complex post-deployment illness is far from over. We will be continuing as individual advocates for veterans’ health.


Peter M. Sullivan
The Sergeant Sullivan Circle
(202) 277-3258

Founded by former SSC co-founder, Peter Sullivan, the Sergeant Sullivan Circle is an informal group of veterans and their family members, physicians, scientists, donors and advocates who were the stakeholders of the former SSC. The Sergeant Sullivan Circle will continue the SSC’s information and advocacy mission.