590196 Count of Veterans known to be suffering from Undiagnosed
Post-Deployment Illnesses

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Confronting and eradicating post-deployment illnesses and toxic wounds through medical research, public awareness, and advocacy.

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IN 2015 MARINE MARATHON, TEAM SERGEANT SULLIVAN CENTER LEADS THE CHARGE TO RAISE FUNDS FOR VETERANS SUFFERING FROM TOXIC WOUNDS February 26, 2015. WASHINGTON, D.C. Today, The Sergeant Thomas Joseph Sullivan Center announces that Team Sergeant Sullivan Center (“Team SSC”)... Read More

SSC Submits Statement to Institute of Medicine

STATEMENT OF DANIEL F. SULLIVAN TO THE INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE ON GULF WAR ILLNESSES AND POST-DEPLOYMENT HEALTHCARE January 27, 2015 My name is Daniel Sullivan. I am President/CEO and co-founder of The Sergeant Thomas Joseph Sullivan Center. The Center is... Read More

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Our Mission

The SSC was founded in memory of Sergeant Thomas Sullivan, who died from illnesses that began after he was exposed to toxic fumes and dust in post 9/11 Iraq.

While he was sick, he was not aware that his exposures could have caused his illnesses, or even how serious they were.

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Post-Deployment Illness

One in three soldiers returns from the Middle East sick. They are sick with what is sometimes called exposure injuries, chronic multi-symptom illness, or Gulf War Syndrome, but what are all the same thing: Chronic, long-term illness as a result of deployment to the Middle East.

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How You Can Help

Funds raised have an immediate impact. They facilitate direct grants to seed new research, provide greater staff and resources for the Center's advocacy and outreach, and help the SSC to break the cycle of veterans suffering without support after they return from deployment.

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